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Walking Here and There and Everywhere

For those who know me, exercise is the last thing on my list of things I either want or need to do. Recently, my husband has asked me to go hiking with him. Having been an avid hiker in his youth, I was very wary, since my physical fitness level

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A Habit a Day…

I love to create new habits… sadly I am horrible at keeping them. For years now I’ve been working on my cleaning habits simply to see them fall by the wayside (much to my husband’s dismay, I’m sure). Recently, I’ve decided to reevaluate the habit forming process. A favorite site

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Tackling the Tower of DVD Cases

Bye Bye DVD Cases! We are constantly looking to downsize the amount of stuff we have lying around. DVDs are a major culprit in our home. We decided to reduce the size of our DVD collection without actually reducing the number of disks we own.

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Hair, Hair, Everywhere!

Dogs Shed. Maybe not all of them, but at least most of them do. Our dog, Fred, is no exception to that statement by any means, and the crazy hot Colorado weather, combined with the intense sun has not helped this shedding epidemic at all. That being said, I’m working

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Don’t forget me!

I don’t think I can count how many mornings I’ve woken up without thinking about myself – there are just too many. I’m a mom, wife, daughter, pet owner, and freelancer. Each morning I get up to the sounds of my infant son, follow up with a quick breakfast with my husband

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H o l i d a y   S h i p p i n g