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Tons to Sell: A Guide to Your Garage Sale

This year, as my husband and I are going through our minimalist phase, we’ve got a lot to get rid of. From clothing to furniture, TVs to books, there is plenty to go around. We decided to throw a yard sale (or tag sale or garage sale, whatever you

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Keeping Fit

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, Walking Here and There and Everywhere, I’ve begun walking for my health. I’ve found recently that I don’t do enough things to keep me healthy. Though I’m working on training my dog, as well as raising a wonderful baby boy, I don’t keep

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A Simple Start to Managing Tasks

Playing the balance game is never easy. I’m notoriously bad at it, but recently I’ve been working on a few different ideas to see how they play out. While some have worked great for me, others … well not so much. Balancing my schoolwork with my housework is difficult, especially

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Bookshelf Organization

It’s no secret I hate coming up with an organizational scheme. Still, once the idea is created and I work with it a bit, I’m thrilled to have done it. Maybe my inane ability to procrastinate has seeped into my organization skills. Recently I wrote about cleaning out all of

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