Diaper Straps!

Okay, I’m going to start by saying that I am 100% in LOVE with my diaper strap. I found the tutorial on Calico and I’ve made 4 since, and cannot imagine life without this little buddy of mine. Yes, it may sound crazy (Laura, it’s a piece of fabric…) but I’ve been able to go from my jumbo diaper bag right back down to a purse without issue. First, let’s start with what it looks like finished:

As you can see, the band wraps around my wipes and diapers. I also now include some disposable diaper changing pads and voila! I don’t need to carry around my heavy changing pad, and I don’t need a bag with 1,000 pockets. I just need to make sure I have my one little wrap.

My wrap holds 2-3 diapers (sz4), 2-3 disposable changing pads, and one package of Pampers travel wipes. I imagine if you use smaller diapers or a smaller wipe container you can carry more, but I find for my daily outings this is all I really need. Longer drips still include my big bag, but this is good for trips to the mall, grocery store, or a trip to a friends home!

How To

This is super simple to make, and takes relatively minor sewing skills. My sewing machine is a little on the weak side, so it did take some slow “walking” of the machine to go through some of the thicker areas, but overall they take about 15-30 minutes to make (depending on how quickly you can sew!)


  • Decorative quilters cotton and a lining fabric such as muslin (the lining fabric is not seen), pre-washed. I used Amy Butler fabric from her Lotus line, as well as some scrap fabric for a lining that I got in a fabric swap (I didn’t like it, so this seemed like the perfect use!)
  • Coordinating or contrasting thread
  • 1/2″ thick velcro (around 3-4″)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Cutting supplies (whether you use a ruler and scissors or a rotary blade and cutting mat is up to you)
  • Iron and ironing board


First, cut your main fabric and your lining to approximately 18″x8″.

Next, laying your fabrics together (right side out), fold in half (lining fabric inside) and crease with the iron.

Iron a 1/2″ seam on the short ends.

Fold the long ends in to the original crease (so that they meet in the middle).

Fold in half along the original crease.

Sew along all four edges. Make a double stitched border if you’d like, or use any kind of decorative stitch. As long as you sew all the way around you’re good! Make sure to reinforce your beginning and ending stitches by back stitching.

Line up your velcro. Pin and stitch around.


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