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Photographing Fireworks

I love fireworks, but I’ve yet to be able to take some good images of them. This year I’ve decided to do some research and improve my skills. I have a Canon Rebel XS Camera, which I love. I even have a nice lens attachment and some filters. Recently we also got a tripod. Typically,…

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Stay Hydrated This Summer With Naturally Flavored Water

Summer can get awfully hot in all areas of the country. Even here in the mountain country of Colorado is no exception. I honestly can only drink so much water before I’m bored out of my mind. I’ve tried those powdered water flavors and even the liquid Mio containers (which I do actually love), but…

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Red, White, Blue – Layered Cocktails With a Patriotic Twist!

Fourth of July is always a fun and exciting celebration for all. Many people have BBQ’s and big parties. If you’re looking for a way to add some class and entertainment, consider one of these drinks as a signature special for the affair! 1. All American by ClubPlanet 2. Red, White & Blue Cocktail by…

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DIY: Pacifier Clips

I’m about to take my 1 and 1/2 year old son on a very long road trip… the last thing I want is to loose any pacifiers. Though I typically only allow them for bedtime and naps, I’m happy to give him anything to keep him happy during this trip. Since I’m petrified of loosing…

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Roundup – Patriotic Decorations

This year we’ll be in a new home for the 4th of July celebrations. Our balcony will overlook the fireworks show in our area, and I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate our new location with a great, patriotic housewarming! Since we’ve been so busy with the move, I’ve done tons of round up posts…

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