DIY: Pacifier Clips

I’m about to take my 1 and 1/2 year old son on a very long road trip… the last thing I want is to loose any pacifiers. Though I typically only allow them for bedtime and naps, I’m happy to give him anything to keep him happy during this trip. Since I’m petrified of loosing the paci, I looked for some instructions on how to make my own clips. I found a few tutorials online, and found many of them are pretty much the same. While I don’t think I’m doing anything groundbreaking in mine (except for the novelty that I have a son, so the colors are masculine instead of feminine), I still figured I’d write up a great tutorial to share with everyone!

I made four clips and the total process took me less than 30 minutes including 1 diaper change and stopping for photos! I did also have to iron all of my fabric (it’s a bit wrinkled…) and cut it too.


  • Scraps of fabric (I used quilters cotton), cut to 4″x12″
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Mitten Clips, I used these: Dritz Mitten/Suspender Clips 2/Pkg-Nickel
  • 1/4″ wide ribbon to coordinate. I used white grosgrain, but you can use any type you’d like!
  • Scissors, sewing machine, ironing board and iron

First, we’re going to make a tube just like we did in the diaper strap tutorial. Start by ironing in 1/4″ hems on the short sides, as well as folding in half lengthwise and creasing.

Then, fold in both of the long sides to the half way crease, as shown below.

Fold in half on the crease, and iron again. Below is a picture of all four of my straps:

Once all of your straps are ironed, sew using a 1/8″ topstitch seam on the long sides, as shown.

The straps are done, but now we need to add the clips and the ribbons. Let’s start with the clip. Feed your strap through the clip and fold over to stitch. In the picture I actually have the clip upside down! Just make sure you put your clip the right way before sewing (I did, you’ll see in later images!).

Stitch to hold the fabric down. I went back and forth three times to really reinforce the stitching. You can always do multiple rows of stitches, or get super fancy, but I just wanted to be quick about things.

Okay, so the next step is adding the ribbon. I cut 5 1/2″ of ribbon, and then just slipped it into the tube. Stitch a 1/8″ or 1/4″ seam, and be sure to go over it to reinforce the strength. After I finished creating these, it ocurred to me that it would probably be easier to stitch the ribbon in when creating the straps, however for the purpose of this tutorial I did it after the fact. Tip: Make sure that there is enough ribbon sticking out that the strap can easily go through it, but that you’ve still put the ribbon in enough that it’s secure!

Voila! You’ve completed a paci clip!

I made four at once (I’m seriously paranoid about loosing these!).

And of course, here’s my handsome man using the clip already!

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MelanieJuly 29, 2012 - 7:03 am

Love this! thanks! :)

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