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Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Mixing apple juice and my son is never a good combo, but sometimes it’s either all I can give him at a restaurant, or he’s just had too much milk and needs the juice. To date my worst experience with an overly explosive diaper was on my way home from the airport in Denver. Three…

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Car Trips with Toddlers – Attempt 1

Okay, I have one picture from my entire trip thus far (other than some from tutorials for products I’ve made – I promise they’re coming!). The one image isn’t even of us in a car! Driving from Colorado to California with Jake and without my hubby was really difficult, and mostly because of the mental…

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Moving, Fires, and Heatwaves!

A lot has happened since the last blog post I sat down to write! We’ve moved from Colorado Springs to sunny Los Angeles! Being here in this area is completely surreal. We actually are fortunate enough to live right near the water, but getting here was tough. Let’s recap shall we? We were scheduled to…

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Save the Dates

As many people know, my background in graphic design started with wedding stationery. While I’ve blossomed quite beyond that niche market, it still holds a large part of my heart. Wedding invitations can be so vastly different and they truthfully set the tone for your big day – but where we can all have a…

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Relaxing Summer

The 4th has finally passed, and all of the planning, preparation and stress of a large BBQ fiesta has gone right along with it. With calm summer nights ahead, what will we do to keep ourselves entertained until our next big party? Here are some fantastic ideas for relaxing outdoors during the summer that don’t…

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H o l i d a y   S h i p p i n g