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Mod Podge Poster Gallery

Gosh I love this idea! I wish I had a wall big enough to do this on… I really don’t right now – at least not in this beautiful square pattern. I can’t find the original source for this image, as someone seems to have pinned the Pinterest JPEG, so if someone knows the original,…

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Trellis Band Wrap

Okay, I started my “career” as a wedding invitation designer. I still, to this day, get floored when I see a beautiful and unique design. This one takes the cake! Band wraps have been around for years, but I haven’t yet seen one come to my doorstep that is this lovely:     The stationers…

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Paper Edge Printing

Isn’t this just stunning?! I know if you read the directions it has a lot of tools that are probably pretty specific to paper printing, but I think this has DIY potential all over it. I just need to find some really heavy, thick paper and I’m going to give this a try! Thanks to…

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Keeping Hydrated

Those in Colorado know this isn’t an easy task! Even here at sea level I find myself dehydrating a lot – maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s because I’m on a better running schedule now that I’m “training”. Either way, this awesome tip for hydration has motivated me to keep a closer eye on…

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Easy DIY Entryway

I love this simple way to spruce up an entryway. A couple white frames, a 2×4 painted bright white, some soft color paint and graphic designs, then black hooks. It all ties in so nicely together and feels inviting! Thanks to Jennasuedesign for the inspiration!

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