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Coastal Feel for Your Living Room

If you love the beach and you want to get that feeling inside your home, then I hear you loud and clear. My entire office is build off a coastal feel. Granted, we now live far from Colorado – and the coast is just outside my window, but we like to take this feeling with…

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Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll

I’m stuck on stuffing crescent rolls recently. I’ve tried tuna salad, ham and cheese, broccoli – I guess I like making my own hot pockets. Anyways, saw this and wanted to share! Thanks to  The Kitchen Life of A Navy Wife for our daily inspiration!  

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Decorative Trays for Your Kitchen

Add color to the kitchen and use materials you can get from your home. This picture is a great DIY project for a tray using old baking sheets. Isn’t this amazing? PS Since I’m hooked on Chevrons for my kitchen, it’s twice as exciting for me haha! Thanks Martha Stewart for our daily inspiration!  

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Quick and Easy Bow Tutorial!

Gift wrapping could be expensive at times. Instead of spending so much, why not try a DIY bow tie? This is REALLY easy and doesn’t take long at all! Now to buy more ribbon… Thanks to Dustin Pike for our daily inspiration!

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Landing Slideshow

Chris and I have an amazing view from our apartment. We were beyond lucky today to be able to see the Los Angeles flyover of the final space shuttle, Endeavour. While some of the best views didn’t quite make my camera reel (I was too busy watching!), I did get some great shots of its…

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