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Bells and Glow

As part of my holiday inspiration, I came across this beautiful, easy to DIY centerpiece. Simply purchase a bag full of jingle bells, a white tray, and some small candles. Arrange on tray. Light candles. Enjoy. What I love most? The fact that this can be as fun or as elegant as you’d like. Mix…

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De-Stash and Re-Gift all in one!

What a double-decker way to clear out your closets. Check out this amazing tutorial from “For the Love”  on how to make fabric bows. Last year I did a tutorial on how to create bows from recycled magazines, and I promise you that tutorial has gotten me through tons of wrapped gifts over the past…

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Joyful Bedroom

I will tell you right now – my dream home would have at least 12 bedrooms. Simply because I’d love to decorate a room for each season. Since I’m not nobility or royalty or a close relative of Bill Gates, I think I’ll skip the 12 bedrooms but next time we have a guest room…

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Chandelier Decorations DIY

So my “chandelier” decorations from my North Pole breakfast were such a hit, I’ve decided to leave them up all season long. Some of you may be wondering how I did this, and truthfully it was pretty simple. I happened to have some invisible thread (also, fishing line would have worked if we had any)…

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Free With Purchase!

Today and only today is my Cyber Monday freebie giveaway! All purchases totaling over $25 before shipping will get a free NOEL holiday print added to their shipment. No actions are necessary  Simply place your order, and I’ll add it. You do NOT need to add this to your cart! As a note, since Etsy isn’t…

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