About the Blog

I’m Simply Me. It sounds like a basic concept, however many of us have trouble defining who we are and what we love to do. This blog, in so many posts, is exactly who I am and what I love. This blog is about sharing my skills and the life lessons I’ve learned. It is about learning what I am capable of (and a little about what I’m not quite capable of!).

This blog is a place I hope many will visit when hoping to find references and help, or when just looking to find someone they can relate to.

About the Author

I’m Laura. Simply put, I’m a wife and mother of one amazing son. I have a dog and two cats. As a military family we move quite frequently, and currently are enjoying the Rocky Mountains. Most days you can find me researching new DIY projects, cutting coupons, or reading. Of course, I do all that around household chores, naptimes, and 3 meals a day!

I am currently working on my bachelors in Information Technology, and have found that I truly love blogging about whatever project I’m currently working on. While it may seem that my life is in complete disarray most days, it is actually quite a lovely bit of organized chaos. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you’ll come back time and time again!

At no point do I claim to be an expert at any of the topics I post about. Read at your own risk. While my goal is to help my readers find themselves as well, I cannot be held liable for any actions taken after reading my blog.


Photo Credits: The photos in my header images are not always images I have taken myself. They may be images from posts featuring other bloggers and designers. Please whenever possible either Pin an image from the original blog or from my original post so that the original crafter and creator will receive due credit!!

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